Friday, October 30, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 40th birthday Jonny!

Hard to believe my hubby is 40. He seems and looked much younger. I guess because I am not even 32 yet and can't imagine being 40 myself. He is a great husband and father and I'm blessed to have him.

Bench Makeover

Ever since I sold my cute but a little too country, birdhouse benches, my porch has been quite empty. I have searched high and low (well mostly on craig's list) but none the less, it has been difficult to find a bench that doesn't cost a fortune! I was at Pier 1 the other day and saw this bench. Side note...I actually have always hated wicker(especially white). I don't know why, but something about looking like a big Easter basket?? (My husband looked at me funny when I brought it home). That said...I am a sucker for a good deal. This bench was a steal!

So as much as I saved, I couldn't bring myself to love it. It needed a serious makeover.

So after 3 cans of black spray paint, it's still not done and I can't move my fingers (I had no idea spray painting was so painful). It is coming together nicely. It will soon be very black, with a rust red cushion and cute pillows. Stay tuned for the finished project. I just have to wait for the feeling to come back to my hands.

Borrowed Art Project

While I was spray painting my new bench I remembered the craft project I saw on my friend Courtney's site . So I told sent Peyton and her friend off to find scrap cardboard in the garage and some pretty leaves.

They laid them out in a pattern of their choosing

I sprayed over it and let it dry for a bit.

They colored and designed for a few hours...(yes hours, really!)They were quite proud and I'm excited about the new fall decor in my kitchen! Great, inexpensive craft project.Thanks Courtney!

Fall means soccer in the rain

Our fall has been quite busy all around. Usually we feel a lull in the real estate market, but it seems it is still ticking away. It could be that it's also because I am covering for another agent while she is in France too. I'm trying to enjoy the new season and be thankful that I don't have snow, while really missing the sunshine.

Here's a few pics of Peyton playing soccer. She is doing great. Always scores a bunch and really works hard. Easton is also playing, so I will have to post pics of him later.

This is the second time Jon has gotten tickets to the Seahawks game from someone at work. Last time he took Easton, this time it was Peyton's turn. She had a blast! They rode the ferry, ate from what I hear are the "best hotdogs ever" and cotton candy.

Macy is my laundry helper. It is SO fun when mom gets all the laundry together for sorting!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Okay one more...Macy wanted to get in on the picture action. Yes Courtney I was trying my hand at "leaning against the wall poses" if you can tell. Macy is funny, she would lean out and in front. Anyways this is her new outfit. I really love the consignment shop in Gig Harbor called Animal Crackers. I had a credit the other day of $24 and got out of there with 4 shirts, this pair of pants, Peyton's white vest in the other pic and a pair of shoes. It is one of my fave places to shop for the kids. WAY cute clothes for cheap!!
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So I guess I just had a morning of feeling sappy about my kids growing up. They just all looked so grown and so cute today. Easton lets me do his hair more and more. Just looks so handsome. He is an honest, funny, sweet boy who loves his family and friends. Wearing my PSCape proud today.
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I was looking at pics of Peyton from one year ago and I just can't believe how much she has grown. She is loving kindergarten and becoming quite the fashionista. She loves putting outfits together and getting all "styled up" as she calls it. I like it when my kids feel cute or cool. I try to let them be more involved in the clothes shopping and picking. It important for their self-esteem and confidence. I gave up on Easton wearing button up shirts long ago..
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I guess I should explain the question "Why is your blog called the pink sparkly cape?" Well, it seems to me more and more that women these days are so busy trying to do so many different things. We are expected to be nothing less than Superwoman at times. Especially for me lately, trying to sell real estate in an ever-changing-more-than-frustrating-market while raising 3 lovely-but-high-maintenance(as they all are)-kids AND trying to volunteer at schools & church, be a kid taxi, a wife, keep my house at a non-embarrassing level of clean all while trying to keep my sanity. I find myself on certain days like that saying to myself "If I'm going to have to be Superwoman, I should at least have a cape" And since I like the color pink and like silver sparkly cape (if I had one) would be a 'Pink Sparkly Cape'.
So when I get frustrated, down and overwhelmed. I think of myself wearing my pink sparkly cape, it gives me a little lift to help me perservere at saving the world like only a Superwoman can.
My blog will be a reflection of my life-mostly the family part and not so much the real estate part...although I may add some tidbits here and there. Pink Sparkly Cape has become my "motto" or my life's theme, at least for the time being. It only seemed fitting that I name my blog after it as a reminder to myself...and all you women out there, that we can do it all and look cute in our Pink Sparkly Capes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Welcome to my new blog! I will post updates of what is going on in our family, any new and exciting, or not-so-exciting, things.

My old blog just became a little too public and personal. So in order to protect our family, I am requesting to "approve" all readers. I don't want any anonymous crazies out there finding out personal stuff.

Thanks for your understanding!

more fair fun

He thinks this is pretty funny.

A few updates!

She thinks this is her bike helmet...
If she could, she would wear this "pree dress" every day Peyton learned how to ride without training wheels. When Jon came home from work the other day...she said "Daddy can you take off my training wheels?" After a couple minutes she was off riding by herself. Only Peyton would just decide in her head that she can and do it.

The elementary cross-country meet was last week. Easton came in 13th out of the 3rd grade boys. It's fun to see our kids enjoy running like Jon and I do.

It rained A LOT at the meet. We were all pretty soaked.

Reading books with Grandma Connie
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our little artiste...

Macy kept getting cheese from Jon who was grilling turkey burgers. Later we found out what she was doing with the cheese. I call it "Collage du fromage"
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