Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hotel "Kitchen"

Somehow all the Zhu Zhu pets ended up in our kitchen last night. This morning Macy begged me to bring her kitchen downstairs too. After making a hotel for them, she put turned on the fake burners that light up. I asked if she was going to cook the zhu zhu pets...her reply "only the boy ones".

It was actually pretty great having this down here. I got some work done, treadmill time in and the kitchen cleaned. And she is still playing.
Yes she is still in  her jammies! We just had lunch too. She loves things my other kids still don't like...hummus, salame, most kinds of soup. She's fun to have around during the day when the others are at school. (by the way, been fighting with blogger, that photo is not sideways on my computer)