Tuesday, January 26, 2010

playing around on Wordle...

just typed in a bunch of words that I liked and voila...(click to enlarge)
Wordle: mbpsp

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Found some pics of my kids that I took while playing with my new camera. Easton just turned 9! Wow. I am have been so "busy" lately that I'm feeling convicted that I need to give some more one-on-one time with my kids before they turn into adults. Seems to be happening so fast!

This morning Peyton woke up crying and didn't stop. Toothache. So off we went to the dentist. Oh really, she has 2 absess teeth? I guess I get the bad mom award for the day. I mean, really, she has been complaining for awhile now, and I have been putting it off because, well, I'm just so "busy". So now we do antibiotics, and pain meds until her appt. for fixing the teeth along with a couple shiny silver caps. Oh Joy!

One thing I am proud of today...my husband. He has lost about 18 pounds! He has been working hard on changing his eating habits. I have been too, but you know, I'm a girl which means a big disadvantage of losing weight. So my loss is much less and a constant work in progress. Way to go Jonny!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Macy turns 2!

Litte Macy turned two on Dec. 7th. It was a monkey party! She loved all her presents, shown here with her paper dolls and monkey. She also got some "shop-shops" (littlest pet shops) and a crown. Our little princess is growing up!


Hope you all survived the holiday season and LOVED it as much as I did! Yes, I'm still recovering. Yes, I still have mountains of laundry. Yes, I still have piles of little gifts in the play room. I keep seeing lots of blog posts that say they haven't blogged in forever. Yes, that's me too. I've been busy just like the rest of you. I just realized I never blogged about Halloween too. So here's a pic of the kids.

Jon and I went to my company's Christmas party..hey a "dress-up" date with no kids!

Also an update on all that furniture I was selling...I have sold most of it! The investment I put in to all that stuff was $1100. So far we have made over $2200 and have a few more big items to sell! It paid for our Leavenworth trip (which I will blog about soon!) and Christmas gifts! I'm hooked on Craig's List selling...

Well today is Easton's 9th birthday...I better go get some stuff done!