Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peyton turned 6!

My Peyton is such a compassionate girl. She is also energetic and loves being active. She is also very helpful. Sometimes she will get Macy ready for bed, by changing her diaper, jammies on and brushing her teeth..she even asks often to change a poopy diaper, which I have not yet allowed! What a great big sister she is.
It's been awhile since I've blogged so I'm going through pictures and this caught my eye. My boy Easton has grown SO much since this pic. And I'm a bit sad because we are taking a break from soccer this year. He played for 5 years. Life is just a bit crazy to have 2 kids in soccer which means 5 days per week.
Right now the kids are taking music lessons, Easton is loving the guitar and Peyton is doing great at piano. So proud of how hard they work!!
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Baby Panda

Okay, just have to mention Macy's very favorite "friend". Her name is Baby Panda. She is a furreal pet and moves and cries. Macy loves her to pieces! So sweet.
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Okay forgot to mention the plaque my team presented me...it was so sweet. Also check out my sparkly jeans. LOVE THEM. Got them at a consignment shop for $15!
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Over the winter Peyton played her first season of basketball. I was pretty excited for her as it was "my sport" when I was younger. Lots of fond memories! So when I signed her up I said..."Hey I wouldn't mind being an assistant coach". A couple weeks later I got an email saying thanks for being a coach....here is your team list!

What??? Anyways, it turned out really great. I had a blast and the kids, ages Kinder thru 2nd grade actually learned quite a bit. I think Peyton even liked having me as her coach. She did great, my spunky, competitive little girl. Wonder where she gets it?
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