Friday, July 31, 2009

a little running humor...

(please excuse the nearly bad language at the beginning)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's hot...

According to the news, yesterday was the hottest day ever in Seattle...102 degrees. I guess I wasn't that impressed. More like a little depressed...remembering how rare this heat really is and that rain and drizzle are coming soon.

Our kids are going to soccer camp in the mornings this week. Easton said "I don't want to go to this camp next year, it's way too hot" As if somehow the camp is affecting the weather.

Here's a pic of the girls after I put some braids in their hair. Macy is turning into a girlie girl. "Toddlers in Tiara's" was on last night and she was fascinated. She ran and found a "pretty dress" as she calls it and wanted it on so she could look like the girls in the show. By the Peyton is SO brown. She tans up so can sorta tell from her shoulder in this pic.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Growth board

My growth board. It's almost too cute to actually write on it. Still wondering if/how we are going to put the numbers to mark the feet on there. We'll see. It is 7 feet tall starting at the floor. you think this is something someone would want as a baby gift? Could be personalized or ??? By the way...just realized that Easton is 4'6" tall. I checked the averge height for an 8 year old boy and it is 9 inches less than that...according to something I read online.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday I bribed my husband into hanging up my new photo gallery that I have been piecing together...I told him he didn't have to help with the bills if he would hang my pics. The photos by the way were taken by a childhood friend and photographer extraordinaire. She really does such a great job, check out her site at I found all the frames at Micheal's and voila! My husband has been doing quite a few little projects for me...yesterday he also painted the ugly gold metal bars across our fireplace. They are now a more modern and toned down black. Right now he is in the garage creating a growth chart board. Something I've wanted ever since Easton was a baby. In real estate I see many, many houses with kids' names and heights just written on the wall. This is great if you are going to live there forever. So I want mine on a nice piece of wood that we can take with us if we ever move.

Hope you all are enjoying the hot weather...I love it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

19 months old our little Mace-o, as we often call her, is growing so fast.

S'more summer fun!

(I think my camera is dying a slow death...please excuse the blurry photos)

Summer Fun

Bubble blower

What to do when a little Macy dumps all the bubbles out of the bubble blower? Use it as a fan for your head.and for Easton's head.

The use it to whack brother in the cheek and run away laughing.

Davey Crockett Night

Jon's parents went on their annual vacation to visit relatives in Texas and other places down south. While journeying they visited the Alamo. The other night they wanted to share things they learned and pictures they took with the kids. The boys with their Davey Crockett hats singing with Papa the song "Born on a mountain top in Tennesse...."

Baby Wyatt with his hat.

Macy's new camera pose.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kennewick trip and July 4th

The day after the marathon (Saturday) Macy came down with a fever. It sort of went away (or did it?) the next day, but came back full force on Tuesday. No strep or ear infection said the doctor on Wednesday. Thursday we headed to Kennewick. Still Macy felt awful. I pretty much held her for the whole week. She couldn't walk very well from being so weak. Friday evening in Kennewick the fever was still there so off we went to the ER (checking for a UTI they had to insert a of the most traumatic experiences I've witnessed as a parent). Turns out her fever broke during the 5 hrs. we spent at the hospital. Just a virus, just one that lasted forever. The last day we had in Kennewick she felt better.

This was our 9th consecutive year of spending 4th of July in the early years we had to pay to use the bouncy houses. Now they are free and there are about 4 or 5 of them.

The temp was about 104 on the day we were at the park. We spent a lot of time at the river and spray ground.
trying to get pics...the boy behind Peyton kept dragging his siblings through all the water. Everyone always says how much Macy looks like her daddy. I think it's he hair... :) Good morning sunshines.

All the cousins minus Macy and baby Wyatt. Top row: Whitney, Zach, Ashley, & Kortney. Bottom row: Peyton, Afton, Michal, and Easton

Papa & Macy
The marshmallow guns were a bit hit. The kids put them together and battled all day.

We ended up extending our stay and extra day we were having so much fun. It always passes so quickly. Easton said "should we make another paper chain counting the days until next Kennewick trip". I said "sure, but I'm not helping this time".

girl time

In preparation for our big family Kennewick trip we had to go get cute toes...and I will say that after a total of 400 miles of cummlative running over that past couple toes NEEDED it. Here are Jon's sisters Becky & Melia and Melia's daughter Michal.

Peyton loves anything that makes her feel like a princess. But really, who doesn't?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Big Day

The alarm goes off at 4:00 am on Saturday June 27, 2009. I hit snooze, Jon makes me get out of bed. Somehow I managed to get a few hours of sleep that night with all the nerves...

We headed out around 5:15am, here's me all dressed and ready

My handsome chauffer kids are barely awake
Jon ended up dropping me off at an exit off of hwy 405. The start line was in Tukwila, we weren't sure exactly where, so as soon as we saw the stream of people, I jumped out of the car and Jon and the kids drove away. I walked down the off-ramp sort of freaking out but super excited. Also, I have NEVER in my life seen so many port-a-potties. I wish I had a picture of it. There were runners everywhere. I never found my running friends until right before the start. I hung out all by myself in the bathroom line a couple times, then bag check, then just looking for my starting corral. They let groups called "corrals" start within like a minute of eachother. Your time starts when the timing chip attached to my shoes crossed the start line, then ends when you cross the finish line. Pretty high tech stuff.

Jon and the kids actually found a parking spot and found me waiting at the start. Nice suprise since we were told there would be no parking and said I would just see them at the end.

waiting in my "corral" and still not sure where Lacy and Melia are...

Here they are, they found me a little after the first gun when off. This is a funny picture, I am not really sure what they are talking about. Look behind them and you can't see where the line of people end. 25,000 runners is more than I have ever seen at a start. my running buddies, Melia, me and Lacy

Jon was running and taking this pic so it is blurry, but this is us after we crossed the start line.

Funny that my husband took a pic of these belly dancers here to cheer us on...

Our corral starting.

After the start, Jon & kids, plus Lacy's husband and their kids, plus Becky who was watching Melia's kids went out to breakfast, then went to meet us at the finish line in Seattle outside of Qwest field.
Here are the people waiting at the finish line.

Look! Here's me nearing the finish line. At this point I was feeling pretty awful. Everything hurt. I was crying from the pain in my body and from the emotion of accomplishing such a huge goal. I was honestly thinking "I am either going to pass out dead or cross the finish's a 50/50 chance either way"

My first marathon I ran was Nov. goal was just to finish and see what I could do. It was the most fun I've had running a race. I finished in 5 hours and 3 minutes. This time "I left everything on the pavement". I ran like never before, hardly stopping to walk at all, just kept pushing myself and knowing that I did not want to regret that I didn't give it all I had. Running with friends sure helps too. They keep you going when you want to walk. It was so amazing. I feel like I have reached a new level in running. Not just surviving my run, but commanding it. I was pretty excited to knock 30 minutes of my last time.

At the finish line with my medal

Thanks to my family for their support, my runner husband is the one who introduced me to running. He inspires me.

Sister-in-law, friend and running partner Melia. I am bummed that we did not get a pic of Lacy with us at the end.

Walking (or hobbling) to our cars.

The runner's high is strong...and so is the exhaustion that set in a bit later...

And if that isn't enough for one day...we all loaded up and went to the Fathom's of Fun parade downtown Port Orchard that night. I told Jon I would go as long I didn't have to move much. I am still so thrilled about the race. A week and a half out and I am still recovering, but able to run again, this time because I want to, not because my plan says I have to. Taking a little break is nice, but I am starting to think about what will be next.