Monday, January 31, 2011


Pardon me while I blog more of old pics....I need to catch up on 2010! Peyton loves her hip-hop class, it so fits her personality. She loves to sing and dance. She also is loving her piano lessons. I'm also reminded of a time when she would tell me in all seriousness that strangers would probably mistake her for Miley Cyrus if she wears certain outfits out of the house.

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"BIG Tummy!"

I nearly forgot about this until and as I was browsing through pics today, I burst out laughing. Macy has always measure thin and tall for her age at her check ups. However despite her skinny-ness, she has this ability to push her stomach way out. She used to do this when we were changing her diaper (thank goodness no more diapers now!) and she would crack everyone up. Funny girl.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rockin' it!

Hello out there! It's been awhile since I last blogged, however I was looking through pics and wanted to share! Last summer a few of us ran the Rock and Roll Marathon in Seattle (2010) It was a blast. And super hard!! That was my 3rd full marathon and 2nd time running the Rock & Roll. Yes as you can imagine, each time I run one of these 26.2 mile races...I question my sanity. I question it during the 20 weeks of training, and when I wake up at 4am to travel to the race and especially while running it. Crossing the finish line sure feels good..and a little awful since I could hardly walk. Here's a pic of the group we hung out with. Jon, Melia and I ran the full marathon and the rest, ran the half marathon.
 Here's Porta-Potty City...
 The sea of insane people running for fun :)
 About to start..don't we look excited?
The start line...
 Making sure our shoes are tied. This is when we become a little OCD about every little thing...are our shoes tied evenly, not too tight, not too loose? Is my ponytail squeezing, did I drink too much water, or not enough, do I have to pee for the 13th time this morning?
 Here is a photo taken after the race. Sweet, painful, VICTORY!
Go Jonny!

Our fake tats...don't we look tough?