Tuesday, September 27, 2011

little M

My Macy cracks me up every day. She is a funny kid. Well at least to me she is. Today she was talking about what she wanted to be for Halloween. Here are some ideas she had...

a rainbow
a lollipop
a silly cow
a baby puppy
a unicorn

Ultimately she decided she would be Minnie Mouse like last year. And who am I to argue. By the 3rd kid it seems I'm trying to find more ways to purchase less and take the easy route on things that may not be that big of a deal.

Speaking of 3 kids. I know some of you have more. However I noticed that I think 3 is when it got busy for me. Looking at the kids growth chart. Easton and Peyton both have measurements taken on or very near to all their birthdays. I thinks it's because I followed the rules and did Dr check ups on time. M however..she has measurements on random dates. Not at all near her birthday. I think that is when I started working more (thanks plummeting real estate market) and life became super crazy. Owell I am pretty proud that I at least have the measurements on the board now...took me awhile.

Speaking of growth boards. Do you know how many houses I show where the previous family had written all their kids measurements on the wall in the kitchen or wherever and you can see where little Johnny was 2 and then he was 18 and all the heights in between. I'm here to say that it's sad to leave that history behind. Sort of breaks my heart each time. So we (as in Jon) has made us a Growth Board. We (as in Jon again..although I did paint and glue the letters on) even made some for friends and family. I love it. If we ever move we can just take it with us, unscrew it from the wall. I recommend it.

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