Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rockin' it!

Hello out there! It's been awhile since I last blogged, however I was looking through pics and wanted to share! Last summer a few of us ran the Rock and Roll Marathon in Seattle (2010) It was a blast. And super hard!! That was my 3rd full marathon and 2nd time running the Rock & Roll. Yes as you can imagine, each time I run one of these 26.2 mile races...I question my sanity. I question it during the 20 weeks of training, and when I wake up at 4am to travel to the race and especially while running it. Crossing the finish line sure feels good..and a little awful since I could hardly walk. Here's a pic of the group we hung out with. Jon, Melia and I ran the full marathon and the rest, ran the half marathon.
 Here's Porta-Potty City...
 The sea of insane people running for fun :)
 About to start..don't we look excited?
The start line...
 Making sure our shoes are tied. This is when we become a little OCD about every little thing...are our shoes tied evenly, not too tight, not too loose? Is my ponytail squeezing, did I drink too much water, or not enough, do I have to pee for the 13th time this morning?
 Here is a photo taken after the race. Sweet, painful, VICTORY!
Go Jonny!

Our fake tats...don't we look tough?

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